Gold Diamond Dome

Gold Diamond Dome

First impressions are lasting impressions. Enough said. When it comes to selling a luxury item of great perceived value then first impressions and the appropriate atmosphere can be everything. An effective, aesthetically pleasing “diamond” sales area can be of great help in both displaying and increasing sales as well as profit stats of high quality merchandise.

Done properly this need not strain retail or even wholesale discount operation budgets. On top of that, if done with care, planning to order space requirements will not be too great either.

Basically thought and planned ahead well, a “Diamond Room” should create both a private and comfortable area whose design and implementation allows a distinct area whose purpose is to demonstrate product and close sales. This room should be devoted to one single solitary purpose – that is of a sales and exhibit area. It should not double as workroom or storage areas. Tales abound where after a period of time the treasured diamond room. Somehow ended up as a basically a convenient storage and in effect a handy cloak room. On the other hand so to speak there is nothing wrong in the jewelry and gemstones trades for this sphere to use as well for appraisal or for employee and customer education purposes.

Overall in terms of location it can be said that is generally best to plan to locate your room nearest your finest quality merchandise. Thus you should be able to “ease “your customer or potential diamond buyer into your diamonds room, taking no more than a few steps. On a visual note, the room should appear open. Separating it from the rest of the store with translucent panels, smoked glass or vertical blinds can provide a nice balance of openness and privacy.

The room should hold 2 customers at a minimum along with the salesperson. Size can range from a minimum 8 feet x 10 feet or ten feet by twelve feet for what be called an average or standard size location. Some very large or what might be considered “high end ” retailers may opt for two diamond rooms to accommodate demand during peak seasonal and discount sale periods.

Ambiance and atmosphere count. A diamond room should be more than inviting. This area or sets of areas should be clutter free as well as simple in form, furnishing, fixtures and colors. Soft subtle color ranges often work well in combination with the rest of the store or even wholesale areas. Décor should be chosen to be tasteful and as well it might be said overly elaborate.

To create an elegant as well as almost intimate environment use high quality carpet or perhaps a small area rug over highly polished hardwood floors. High end fabric can complete the whole effect to cover both walls and customer chairs, where leather is an option as well.

If the store has laminated display cases, consider using marble tops for those in your diamond room areas. Lastly to finish the touches – the cherry on the icing, can be a unique ceiling treatment, such as a dome, which can also help, separate and set aside this most special room and area from the rest of your sales and selling areas.

With a little well chosen attention and care to detail, your “Diamond Room” can add new sparkle to your diamond and gemstone sales performance.

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Gold Diamond Dome
Gold Diamond Dome
Gold Diamond Dome

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