Gold Diamond Mens

Gold Diamond Mens
0.2 diamond 9 carat ring, White gold. Please read on?

Hi is a 0.2 diamond 9 carar ring, white gold mens wedding ring good, is it a good diamond? If that makes any sense. haha. xx

Diamond carats are measured differently to gold carats. Gold carats measure quality whereas diamond carats are a measurement of weight. A 0.2 carat diamond is likely to be very small. The carat cannot tell you anything about the quality of the diamond though- this is judged by the colour, cut and clarity as well.
Diamond colour is measured on a chart which runs from D-Z (beyond that are deeply coloured diamonds known as fancy diamonds). D category is colourless and known for its clear, icy qualities. This is the best you can get and usually used in collection-quality jewellery. G category diamonds are what is usually used in commercial jewellery and are still perfectly fine (though you probably don’t want to go lower than G). You should look at the colour rating before buying.

Next look at the clarity. If the diamond has lots of inclusions (scratches and blemishes within the stone) it is not the best diamond. Clarity is broken down into:
•Flawless, Internally Flawless – IF
•Very Very Slightly Included – VVSI
•Very Slightly Included – VSI
•Slightly Included – SI
•Included – I

You’ll find most commercial diamonds are VVSI, VSI or SI

9ct gold is a good level to go for for a wedding ring as they are worn all the time and higher carat golds are softer and more prone to wear and tear.
I hope this is helpful.

Gold Diamond Mens
Gold Diamond Mens
Gold Diamond Mens

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