Gold Endless Diamond

Gold Endless Diamond

The invention of the wheel and eventually the horseless carriage changed the face of the transportation industry. The arrival of the steel age launched the dream of diversifying future technology in bridge construction, buildings built with steel beams, and other industries such as shipbuilding. The invention of the radio changed the face of the entertainment industry as well as aspects of the medical industry with pacemakers.

The ability to mass produce manmade diamonds proposes a whole new revolution in itself and brings with it the dream of improving business, medicine, retail products and daily life in general. Manufacturing manmade diamonds is a high profile step toward finally achieving what Scientists have known for years. Although the manmade diamond is not a new industry, it dates back to the 1940′s and 1950s, the newer technologies distinguish themselves by producing the “real” diamond in look, feel and even outer layers.

Placing carbons under extreme pressure via machine technology was being accomplished back in the 1940s and 1950s but not to the extent of the modern methods of lab grown technology through chemical vapor disposition. The old technique still proved useful in making tools such as diamond tipped saws but lacked the real strength and durability of naturally mined diamonds.

The modern hybrid diamond distinguishes itself from early manmade diamonds by being produced with many of the same qualities as a naturally mined diamond. NASA research has provided monetary support for development of at least one simulated diamond technique. In this technique a seed element is taken and wrapped in actual diamond which is then fused to create a brilliant simulated diamond.

NASA called this technology ‘Ultra C’ diamond. Ultra C diamond has demonstrated the same quality and hardness as any earth mined diamond. NASA has used these Ultra C diamond crystals to coat the Hubble and Shuttle, eliminating wear and tear on all moving parts in the extreme conditions of space.

MiaDonna is one company that has capitalized on the Ultra C diamond to create beautiful cocktail rings, engagement rings, wedding rings and other fine jewelry. To the naked eye there is no difference between the Miadonna simulated diamond and earth mined diamonds. Of course in practical reality there are differences, such as the fact that the simulated diamond is completely conflict free.

Brittany Taylor writes on fashion, culture and society.

Gold Endless Diamond
Gold Endless Diamond
Gold Endless Diamond

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