Gold Rhinestone Sets

Gold Rhinestone Sets
Accessorize my red prom dress?

I have a red prom dress:
Except on me, the dress pools at my feet and you can’t see my shoes.
And gold shoes:
In case you can’t see, the rhinestones on the shoes are like diamonds.

My question: Is it okay if I wear earrings and a bracelet that have jewels that are set in silver? Or do they have to be set in gold? These are the earrings I want to wear:

Is it terrible that the shoes are mainly gold but the earrings aren’t really? Or does it not matter? My hair will most likely be up, so you’ll see the earrings.

i think you should have everything match. i bet you’ll feel better about it too. cause you don’t want to spend the whole night wondering if people notice that you’re wearing silver set earrings, but gold shoes. if it’s possible, get the gold earrings. red and gold go well together, too! better than red and silver together.
cute dress by the way. :)
hope this helps!

Gold Rhinestone Sets
Gold Rhinestone Sets
Gold Rhinestone Sets

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