Gold Sapphire Diamond

Gold Sapphire Diamond

The diamond is such a magnificent gem and there’s no denying its magnetic allure. It has been the cause of scandals, robberies and murder down the centuries, such has been it’s drawing power. I’m sure there’s not a woman alive who doesn’t remember what it felt like the first time a real diamond decorated her hand. And yet this natural stunner can be created only under very specific conditions, that is, the exposure of carbon-bearing materials to incredibly intense pressures ranging between 45-60 kilobars and just as dramatically different low temperatures of around 1650-2370 deg F (900-1300 deg C). Our planet has two areas where these conditions occur, the Lithospheric Mantle below comparatively stable continental plates and, strangely, the site of a meteorite impact.

What most people don’t know is that the sapphire is an extremely hard substance and is not only a close second to the diamond in beauty, but also, after the diamond, is the second natural most hardest substance in the world.

The diamond will probably always hold premier position over other gems, but there is an engaging romance we ladies have with pink sapphires. They are quite simply stunning and there’s an association of love and romance with them. One of the first pieces of jewellery created that did credit to this little beauty was the famous pink sapphire double flamingo.

The popularity of this little pink gem has escalated in recent years, making diamond and pink sapphire jewellery in all manor of decorations much sought after. There’s something quite magical when you’ve got ready for that special night out to add the finishing touches with some simple but stunning earrings or a bracelet or a classic watch, etc.

Although we may be used to seeing the rich and famous dripping in hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of diamonds, these days beautiful jewellery is affordable for all pockets. Diamond and pink sapphires make a perfect gift for that special lady in your life or even maybe if you just want to treat yourself. With the credit crunch hitting everyone’s pockets, it’s really good to know there are still ways of keeping costs down.

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Gold Sapphire Diamond
Gold Sapphire Diamond
Gold Sapphire Diamond

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