Gold Tanzanite Diamond

Gold Tanzanite Diamond
What is the ticker symbol for Gold, Silver, Platinum, Tanzanite, Diamond?

i am just starting out in learning about Stocks and trading. I got the CoolTick program to have a scrolling marque of Stocks move across the top of my screen but I want to add Precious Metals to my view as well.

does anyone know what Yahoo! Finanace website uses to track these Precious Metals:
Gold, Silver, Platinum

and Gems:
Diamonds, Rubies, Tanzanite

any help would be greatly appreciated.

The following Internet Link has several symbols listed:

Gold is GC followed by a capital letter for the futures month and a number for the year. So example: GCZ8 means Gold December 2008.

Silver is SI so following the same wording as above: SIZ8 mean Silver December 2008.

PT is platinum. Just put your cursor on the Symbol on the link above and pop up will describe exactly what any symbol means.

There are no symbols for Tanzanite and Diamonds as they are not constants than can be traded easily using contracts followed with a ticker. You should ask another question about cut and uncut gems to obtain source on those prices. You can only trade gems with cash buying as there is no way to speculate any other way. Once purchased they are not a very liquid investment like the metals futures markets are.

Gold Tanzanite Diamond
Gold Tanzanite Diamond
Gold Tanzanite Diamond

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