Gorgeous Swarovski Crystal

Gorgeous Swarovski Crystal

No matter how many Mothers Day jewelry gifts you have ever given, be it the first or the fiftieth, Mom has never stopped loving her family or bringing her spirit of love and nurturing to be shared by all whom she touches. So how do you tell her how much you love her so that it seems new every moment of every day of every year? Look for something fresh. Look for something that you know will bring a smile to her face and that you can feel out of the depths of your heart, is a shared appreciation of all she gives and does.

Pearls Embody the Nurturing Quality of Mom

Mothers Day jewelry with pearls speaks of the endless love and nurturing of the sea. This time, to make them unique only to her, give her a matched set of a personalized pearl and silver bead necklace and bracelet with a sterling silver charm engraved with either a monogram, her name, or the name of her baby. Every time she places these gleaming creamy pearls around her wrist and neck, she will remember the love in your eyes and know how much she is appreciated.

To let her know without a doubt the essence of your message, give her a creamy white, fresh water pearl necklace that lies elegantly around her neck and spells out “L O V E” on 4 sterling silver charms interspersed between the largest pearls in the center of the necklace. For a new mom, for your beautiful mother, or the special woman in your life who has seen many generations of love be birthed, this simple but elegant Mothers Day jewelry will remind her for always.

Especially for the new mom, both pearl necklaces will coordinate perfectly with a gorgeous fresh water pearl and rose Swarovski crystal bracelet. When you snap closed the sterling silver heart clasp and she reads the name of her newborn child spelled out on the sterling silver alphabet beads, the endless embrace of the timeless ripples of the ocean will sooth and nurture this tireless mom, bringing great joy to the entire family.

Gold Mothers Day Jewelry Reflects the Source of her Strength

There is no one as strong as Mom. Her heart of gold soothed you when you had fever, sang to you when you could not sleep and held you when your heart first broke. Give her an adorable Mothers Day necklace of 24kt gold vermeil hearts imprinted with the foot prints of baby and the initial of her first born. They will rest, nestled against her own heart, and remind her of the tenderness in your eyes and the warmth of your embrace.

To compliment this necklace, wrap a gorgeous gold and silver baby name bracelet around her wrist as well. Handmade from champagne colored freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, 14kt gold beads, and sterling silver block alphabet beads, the sophistication of this Mothers Day jewelry can be carried anywhere by this very special Mom.

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Gorgeous Swarovski Crystal
Gorgeous Swarovski Crystal
Gorgeous Swarovski Crystal

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