Green Swarovski Crystal

Green Swarovski Crystal

When planning a bridal shower, it is important to come up with a festive theme. If the bride is a dyed in the wool preppy who loves all things pink and green, then your choice is easy. Naturally, you will want to throw her a bridal shower with a Lilly Pulitzer theme!

Throwing a Lilly Pulitzer themed shower will be a lot of fun, and actually will be quite easy to pull off. With pink and green as your color palette, it will be quite simple to coordinate all of the elements to make one fabulous party for the bride. Having a great theme also helps when it comes to choosing the food, flowers, and favors.

Start with the invitations. You will definitely want ones with a Lilly Pulitzer flair to them. Look for stationary in cheerful shades of Bermuda pink and lime green. You can go for stripes, argyle, dots, or best of all, a print of happy monkeys sipping cocktails! If you cannot find the perfect invitations, then make your own. Layer pink and green paper together and secure with a grosgrain bow for an adorable invitation. Bridesmaids who are really crafty could even handcraft one of a kind stationary using Lilly Pulitzer fabric to create a border on the page. Be sure to write on the invitations that everyone should wear their Lilly to the bridal shower!

For décor, you can use Lilly Pulitzer fabric to make a tablecloths for the table where the food will be served. The flowers will be easy: big bunches of pink lilies, of course! If you are using heavily scented flowers like stargazer lilies, though, do not put them on the table with the food. Display them in other parts of the room, and use something unscented like tulips for the food table.

Speaking of food, think pink! Pink cocktails are a must, preferably served in a stylish glass like a martini glass. Silver mint julep cups would also be a great choice, and they could double as the favors for the guests to take home.

Certainly, you will want the cake you serve to reflect the Lilly Pulitzer theme as well. There are several ways that you can go about it. The most fun would be to have a classic Lilly print reproduced in frosting on the cake. Be sure to take plenty of pictures! If that idea is too expensive, then choose a more simple pink and green design that you can do yourself. One really easy trick is to frost a round cake in pink icing and then wrap a pink and green grosgrain ribbon around the edge of the cake. It looks great, but requires no cake frosting expertise.

Ask all of the guests to bring the gifts for the bride in pink or green wrapping paper. It is an easy way to involve the guests in the fun of the theme. The pile of pink and green presents will also look very pretty in the room. It is almost like using the gifts as a decoration.

After the bridal shower, the bride might want to consider using the same theme as inspiration for her bridesmaid gifts. It is a great way to show the attendants how much she loved the bridal shower. A really sweet bridesmaid gift that would tie in with the Lilly Pulitzer theme is a set of bridesmaid jewelry handcrafted with pink and green Swarovski crystals – adorable! To make it even more special, present the jewelry in a monogrammed pink and green makeup bag.

Bridal showers are such a pleasant and memorable time for the bride, her friends, mother, and sisters. Make it even better by planning a party with a great theme, like the designs of Lilly Pulitzer. And make sure to take lots of photos of the whole group decked out in their finest pink and green dresses!

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Green Swarovski Crystal
Green Swarovski Crystal
Green Swarovski Crystal

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