Hammered Gold Diamond

Hammered Gold Diamond
What is the meaning?? ?

Unbreakable, O Lord,
Is the love
That binds me to You:
Like a diamond,
It breaks the hammer that strikes it.

My heart goes into You
As the polish goes into the gold.
As the lotus lives in its water,
I live in You.

Like the bird
That gazes all night
At the passing moon,
I have lost myself dwelling in You.

O my Beloved –

dude, this poem is pretty simple and straightforward, i don’t see how you don’t see the meaning in its words…

“like a diamond”, meaning that his love is unbreakable, since some diamonds are so dense that not even hammers can shatter them.

“as the polish goes into the gold”, his love is like that extra gleam, that extra dash of beauty that makes his god radiant.

“like a bird”, an aimless wanderer endlessly careening through the vastness of love.

next time try thinking about it a little more…

Hammered Gold Diamond
Hammered Gold Diamond
Hammered Gold Diamond

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