Heart Diamond Ring

Heart Diamond Ring

They say diamond rings are the way to a woman’s heart, and while that may not be entirely true, it will definitely get her attention! Women are particularly enamored with diamonds when they fall in love and start to think about creating a life together with the man of their dreams. And men, well, most are somewhat clueless about diamonds until about the time they start shopping for that perfect ring they will use to pop the question.

Whether you’re shopping for a diamond ring for an engagement ring or for an anniversary, a promise ring, a daughter’s sweet sixteen, a purity ring, or just to say “I love you,” it’s helpful to know a few things about diamonds and how the quality of diamonds is measured or determined. As a rule, the quality of the diamond will be directly proportionate to its price.

There are four things to look for when you’re considering the purchase of a diamond: cut clarity, color, and carat. Most people are familiar with the word carat. This refers to the weight of the diamond itself and most people commonly use this term in reference to the overall size of the diamond, as well. Most people think bigger is definitely better when it comes to diamonds!

But in terms of quality, the other three things are also important. A diamond’s “color” actually refers to the absence of color. A clear diamond is more desirable because it allows the light to pass through it and the sparkle to shine. Most diamonds have some degree of “color” and are not completely clear.

Clarity is similar. Again, completely clear would be considered flawless and is the most desirable. But most diamonds have some flaws or imperfections within the stone, commonly referred to as inclusions. The fewer the inclusions, the better the quality of the diamond, and the higher the price.

Finally, cut refers to how the diamond is shaped before it is set into diamond rings or other jewelry. Cut is also an important consideration because it can affect the amount of sparkle the diamond has and its durability. Some common cuts are marquise, oval, round, princess, heart, and pear, but other cuts are also available.

While many people shop for diamond rings by looking at all the rings on display in a case, you may wish to try another approach. Why not purchase the diamond first – selecting the absolute perfect diamond for your vision – and then have it put into a unique setting for a one-of-a-kind ring. You can even design the diamond ring yourself and have a jeweler craft the piece to your specifications.

This is one of those purchases you don’t want to rush. Diamonds are a significant investment – in both the quality and price of the stone and also the relationship for which you are purchasing the gift. They tend to be the stone of choice for the most significant loves of our lives. So look at lots of diamond rings before making your final choice and select a beautiful diamond you will treasure forever.

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Heart Diamond Ring
Heart Diamond Ring
Heart Diamond Ring

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