Hot Red Crystal

Hot Red Crystal

Does it seem like every wedding gown you have seen over the last five years had the same straight across strapless neckline? No, you were not imagining things; most gowns really were very similar and monotonous. Thankfully, that has changed this year, and designers are treating brides to a wide array of necklines on the latest bridal gowns. These are some of the hot new necklines for wedding gowns, any one of which will feel like a breath of fresh air.

There is no doubt that the one shoulder trend has been one of the hottest this year. It has a straight from the red carpet appeal that exudes glamor and sophistication. This striking neckline is often emphasized with a bold detail to add drama and draw the eye to the shoulder, such as a single oversized bow or a cascade of organza flowers. A gown this fabulous needs to be accessorized to the nines. A necklace will not work, so pile on a big stack of sparkling Swarovski crystal bracelets and a dazzling pair of crystal drop earrings. Divine!

Another neckline that has cone into vogue for brides is the off the shoulder neckline. This was the absolute hottest neckline in the late 1990s before strapless gowns became the standard, and the off the shoulder neckline retains the same classic appeal. The wide neckline really frames the face, and showcases the shoulder and collarbone area, which tend to be attractive features on women of every shape and size. The shoulders of the gown can be an integral part of the bodice, which is often created in a gentle sweetheart shape, or they can be a wisp of organza attached to more of a strapless bodice. Either way, remember that the key to a comfortable off the shoulder wedding gown is to choose one which does not rely on the shoulders for support; the gown should be constructed with a bodice that can stand up on its own, just like a strapless dress.

Illusion necklines are also making a comeback. This is a gown which has a panel of sheer mesh, organza, or netting along the top of the bodice. Traditional illusion necklines were used to allow designers to retain some modesty while showcasing an open design, but the newest trends take illusion to a totally modern place. Illusion necklines can be combined with other bridal trends, such as a sheer single shoulder of organza to tie in with the one shoulder trend. Off the shoulder illusion bodices are also being seen, some featuring dramatic crystal embellishments that sparkle on the skin. Play up such a special feature on your bridal gown by layering in complementary accessories, such as Swarovski crystal bracelets and sparkling silver shoes.

Ruffles are big in fashion these days, and one of the sweetest looks for a destination wedding is a chiffon gown with a softly ruffled neckline. These ruffles are not the prissy or proper sort; they are entirely modern and chic. A stylish variation on a ruffled neckline is to pair a strapless bridal gown with a sheer organza ruffled bolero jacket. It adds both style and coverage to the wedding gown for the ceremony, and is easily removed for comfort at the reception later on.

The great thing about all of the new trends in wedding gown necklines is that they allow a bride to choose a gown that really suits her style and her wedding. You can have fun experimenting with all of the different necklines out there, until you find the one that perfectly expresses who you are as a bride. Now that is a dream dress!

Ask Bridget for advice in areas of jewelry or weddings. She writes numerous articles providing information for the customers of Silverland Add your own style to your dream gown with fabulous accessories, such as Swarovski crystal bracelets.

Hot Red Crystal
Hot Red Crystal
Hot Red Crystal

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