Imperial Champagne Diamond

Imperial Champagne Diamond

If you wanted to have an expensive bottle of wine…do you know how much it would cost you? Some might answer $50 or $100. Others might answer even higher – they would be right!

Some bottles of wine are so expensive they are simply collected for their value. Others are quite valuable and wine connoisseurs drink and enjoy these wines for the experience of drinking something that not everyone has the exposure to. But these wines can cost dearly….often thousands of dollars. Some are worth more than your car…or even your home.

A 1787 Chateau Lafite, a Bordeaux was sold at Christie’s auction house in the 1980′s for (pounds) 105,00 ($160,00). The Guinness Book of World Records lists it as the world’s most expensive bottle of wine.

While the age of the Chateau Lafite would have made it well worth a high price, what really drew great attention were the initials “Th.J” in the bottle. “Th.J.” were the initials of the bottle owner, Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson had been the ambassador to France and often visited the vineyards of both Bordeaux and Burgundy. This bottle of wine is considered no longer drinkable, but is still quite valuable for its historical sentiment. It is now in the Forbes Collection in New York City.

Would you drink champagne that had been on the bottom of the ocean floor? You might if you are a guest at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Moscow. Bottles of 1907 Heidsieck vineyard champagne were aboard a vessel, being shipped to the Russian Imperial family. In 1916 this vessel was shipwrecked. But in 1997 divers discovered more than 200 bottles of the bubbly stuff in the wreckage. The champagne costs $275,000 a bottle! Both the amazing story of being lost at sea and the champagne’s age make this a very expensive champagne. We are sure it tastes just divine.

The Pernod-Ricard Perrier-Jouet champagne set is also quite unique, making it special for champagne drinkers. There are only 100 sets of the 12 bottles of very fine and expensive champagne. When you purchase this special set of champagne you’ll have the choice of what liqueur will be used in the champagne – and you actually need to fly to Eastern France to make the choice. A set of the 12 bottles costs $50,000

If you are a vodka drinker and looking to splurge then you’ll want to know about Diva Premium Vodka. The bottle looks as beautiful as any perfume bottle – splashy, glittery and glamorous to please even the fussiest diva out there. A bottle of Diva Premium Vodka can cost between $3,700 and $1,000,000 (no, that’s not a typo) depending on which bottle you choose. This vodka is actually diamond filtered and is from Blackwood Distillers in Scotland. In the center of each bottle are lovely looking gems that sparkle — the type of gems is chosen based on which bottle of vodka you choose (buy a more expensive bottle and you’ll see better gems).

At a charity event in 2008 in Napa Valley, an executive at Cisco Systems bought the 1992 Screaming Eagle, sold for $500,000 (about $80,000 a bottle). With this auction prize the lucky winner received a lovely dinner at the winery. The perfect way to open up a bottle of his wine and enjoy it!

In 1997 an anonymous buyer at a Christie’s auction bought a bottle of 1945 Chateau Mouton-Rothschild Jeroboam for $114,614. Wine enthusiasts know this as one of the very best vintages of the 20th century. A very fine bottle of wine for any wine collector or connoisseur.

Let’s not forget about the world’s most expensive beer: Vielle Bon Secours, available only at the London-based bar Bierdrome. It costs about $1,000 (500 pounds) a bottle and $78 (39 pounds) a pint. When you’re in London you’ll simply have to stop in a buy a round for your friends to enjoy this unique beer.

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Imperial Champagne Diamond
Imperial Champagne Diamond
Imperial Champagne Diamond

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