Jewelry Crystal Sterling

Jewelry Crystal Sterling
Question about photographing sterling silver jewelry?

I am getting a glare when I take photos of my sterling silver jewelry.I am using a light box,with lamps on the sides and on the top.I set my digital camera to tungsten in the white balance setting.I also turned off the flash.ISO is set to 200.Not sure is that setting is correct.Still getting a whitish glare,especially on the attached crystals.What else can I try to get less glare?
The first answerer did not full read my question.I am using a light box and a tri pod.

Jewelery is difficult to photograph because of highlights. Do a search on the web on this subject. There are a few sites that give good tips. My favorite is using a plastic gallon milk jug as a diffuser.

You can also use baffles to take out highlights. Hold up dark cards to eliminate the highlights (blocks the light that causes the highlight).

If the glare can’t be controlled with lighting and various angles, you can try a dulling spray. It wipes off. This is good for product photography with shiny metal bits.

Last resort is to use HDRI techniques. This is a lot of work for something that can be controlled by proper lighting.

align_image_stack.exe and enfuse.exe from the Hugin set of tools are good combination of tools for HDRI.

The lowest ISO setting is what you want to use as this will give you the cleanest image quality (least amount of noise). Set the white balance to your light source or use a custom white balance setting. Sounds like you have the basics in hand, it’s now a matter of fiddling with the lighting setup.

Jewelry Crystal Sterling
Jewelry Crystal Sterling
Jewelry Crystal Sterling

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