Ladies Diamond Anniversary

Ladies Diamond Anniversary
what is the best diamond ring to give my wife in our 3ed anniversary? HELP me to choose.?

our 3ed anniversary is coming and I want to give her a diamond ring that she will like. I will buy one from Kay Jewelers store in my city. I was looking browsing their website, I found a lot of good looking and nice rings but I don’t know what to choose. I narrowed them at the final there are two ring. both are good. I need someone help which one should I pick.

Girls, ladies tell which one do you like more, and WHY?
MEN if you were me, which one you are going to take, and WHY?

Here are the rings…


If you have another choice that you think she will like it,,,more than welcome. BUT, please don’t go over $2500

PS: my wife’s age 22 years old. (if it helps)

between the two that you showed i would go with the first, because the second looks too much like a wedding ring/band set. But if I were to choose my own it would be more like this

One diamond for each year.

Ladies Diamond Anniversary
Ladies Diamond Anniversary
Ladies Diamond Anniversary

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