Ladies Diamond Semi

Ladies Diamond Semi

The EW0620-52E Citizen Stainless Steel Watch for Women has become the most popular watch in the entire Citizen Ladies Eco Watch collection. What’s the reason?

The first thing that I notice is that of all the Citizen Ladies Eco Watches, the EW0620-52E has the most submitted ratings, and comes in at a solid 5 stars. It also has one of the lower price tags for the entire line!

Product Reviews Information:

  • Looks – Comments such as “classy”, “elegant”, “stylish” are common themes to the reviews.
  • Slender and feminine – women love the feminine look without sacrificing practicality
  • Secure Clasp – won’t slip off or come undone and get lost
  • Long-lasting – this is the strongest point, and is mentioned in almost every single review. The watch is powered with Citizen’s famous “Eco-Drive” which allows the watch to last for years and years without ever needing a battery replacement.

Product Details:

  • Rounded black dial set against stainless steel, silver Roman Numerals set off the look and make the watch easy to read
  • Date calendar
  • Clasp – fold-over with push button to keep the watch secure
  • Water-resistant to 330 feet
  • Stainless steel, 11 millimeter (slim) band
  • Movement – Citizen Eco-Drive
  • “Power save” mode allows the watch to keep accurate time, even when the battery runs low

About the Citizen Eco-Drive watch line:

Eco-Drive technology is based battery power from light. In short, the battery absorbs natural and artificial light to keep the watch running continually. When fully-charged, Eco-Drive watches will run from 45 days to 5 years – even in complete darkness.

Pricing Information for the Citizen Stainless Steel Watch for Women EW0620-52E:

Retail price for this watch is around $175.00, which is what you could expect to pay if you purchase it from a jeweler or a department store (offline). However, the Citizen Stainless Steel Watch for Women EW0620-52E can be purchased for much less (a bit more than $100.00) if one knows where to look – there are a few online resources that provide the watch for this cost, and in some cases free shipping and returns are available as well.

Overall Review:

The Citizen Stainless Steel Watch for Women EW0620-52E is definitely a good investment, and can be found for a reasonable price for those on a budget. I wouldn’t recommend it necessarily as a watch for very formal occasions, but as an everyday, professional and semi-formal watch it is an excellent choice. I believe that almost any woman would be proud to own and wear this watch, and would love it for years to come.

Copyright © Tonya Brisnehan

About the Author:

Tonya Brisnehan is a work-at-home mom and writes fashion and children’s product reviews professionally.

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Ladies Diamond Semi
Ladies Diamond Semi
Ladies Diamond Semi

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