Ladies Diamond Tennis

Ladies Diamond Tennis
How much should I pay for an emerald/diamond tennis bracelet?

Sub question: Where should I go to get a nice emerald/diamond tennis bracelet?


Mother’s day gift for my wife, I know nothing of jewelry. I saw one for 600 bucks on MSN. It looked nice, but I was wondering whether or not it was cheap or, poorly made.

Here’s the link to that one.

I’m not terribly wealthy, but I don’t buy second rate gifts for the lady. So I’m looking for somthing with no-nonsense quality. If there’s a deal out there, Great! But, I really don’t want to get one and then find out it’s the greatvalue cheez puffs of emerald/diamond tennis bracelets.


As a retired family jeweler, I would like to suggest that you purchase your jewelry from someone you can go back to.

Also, emerald and diamond are a beautiful combination, however…if you purchase a tennis bracelet style where the stones are all the way around the bracelet, the diamonds will be small–and the quality of the emeralds are not going to be first quality or even second for the price of the one you were viewing. It’s because you said you didn’t want second rate jewelry that I decided to research your question.

I looked at your photo, and the style is lovely…but there is no way you can get fine stones of that size for that price. See this site for comparison:

In the end, here is my conclusion. Look for a bracelet that concentrates the emeralds and diamonds in one spot–the center–of a flexible or bangle bracelet. They will be fewer but be larger and of better quality for your budget.

Ladies Diamond Tennis
Ladies Diamond Tennis
Ladies Diamond Tennis

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