Loose Beautiful Diamond

Loose Beautiful Diamond

So, why would you bother purchasing a loose diamond (meaning, the stone itself, without it being inlaid in a jewelry) rather on buying it inlaid straight from the nearest shop to your home?

Well, it is so obvious! I’ll explain- Firstly, imagine you are proposing your one and only love to be your wife (or husband, we are all pro-feminist these days), but oh no- the ring does not fit! It’s too big/small! Or worse- Mrs. /Mr. Right hates it! (Yes, unfortunately it happens from time to time). Wouldn’t be great if you could buy the perfect ring? The ONE and ONLY?

A loose diamond gives you the choice. Purchase a loose diamond (Which can be done very easily- all the information is wide open in front of you) and give it to your chosen person in a beautiful box, and just say how much you love her/him. It doesn’t take more than that to make your person the happiest person on earth- NO mistakes, right to the point. You can’t miss it! And after the most important thing has been achieved, all is left to do is inlay your brand new diamond in a ring, just the one special ring your partner would love.

Secondly, think financially. At these days of economic crisis, wouldn’t be fantastic to invest your cash not in Euro or Dollar (Not such good rates at the moment), not in stocks (lately, the stock exchange has not shown much stability) and not in equities- but in diamonds? They have a permanent value. They will never change their rate to a bad one. You can’t lose your time or money! Try it.

Another reason is not very trivial. I remember when I was pregnant with my first child, my sweet husband wanted to spoil me (after all, I was carrying his child!) with a beautiful diamonds ring. But, Oh-Oh. Pregnant women often tend to have swollen fingers. The beautiful (and very expensive!) ring did not fit my fingers. I felt so horrible at the time, that my husband’s kind gesture became a story to be remembered eternally in disgrace.

Think about it- it can be such a lovely present to your beloved woman. A beautiful diamond that can be inlaid (after the birth please…) in a ring or even a bracelet- can you celebrate becoming a parent better than that? Plus, she needs the spoil….trust me.

And the last reason is kind of obvious. YOU choose your diamond. Not the Jewelry store. Nobody else, but you. Will it be a princess cut? Or perhaps should you dare to take the marquise cut? Just choose.

By choosing a diamond by yourself, you insure that you are getting the best as it comes to a diamond (per common scales- the 4c’s: see at http://www.ronit-diamonds.com/page.html?id=12).
Lose your mind- try a loose diamond!
Ronit – Diamonds expert

Loose Beautiful Diamond
Loose Beautiful Diamond
Loose Beautiful Diamond

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