Lucite Crystal Rhinestone

Lucite Crystal Rhinestone

Even as weddings get increasingly bigger, glammer, and more choreographed and celebrity-planned, the number of brides craving a wedding straight from a fairytale never let up. Instead, the fairytale wedding just gets bigger, with crystal chandeliers and sparkling crystal trees, rosebuds dangling from satin ribbons, aisle runners heaped with petals and rhinestone-studded bouquet wraps.

Which of course begs the question: what to wear on your feet on this day of all days?

Finding the perfect Cinderella shoes can pose quite a quandary for many brides. Here’s what most of us want: the perfect knock-’em-dead clear glass slipper. Something that shows off that killer pedicure, and has the elegance and fire of cut crystal. (Yet doesn’t weigh 25 pounds a shoe, like real crystal would.) Not to mention a talking point that’ll keep your guests chattering all night long.

But what we actually find? In most cases, vinyl. Rather sensible vinyl, at that, with a low heel and sturdy design.

The truth is, though, princess brides have more options than might first appear. In fact, one of our site surveys reveals a fairly broad set of high-style strategies:

The low vinyl “slipper.”

You’ve probably seen these Cinderella slippers at wedding sites. You might have loved the idea, but wished for a few more design options. Still, this is our fairytale brides’ most popular choice for footwear, at about 28%. Fun to wear, and to save for a little girl down the line.

The fabulous bright pump.

These brides, at around 24%, are going with the hip, fun trend of brightly-hued shoes, whether it’s those sultry Louboutin red soles peeking out at the high end, or a spunky pair of Payless aqua pumps.

Demure and classic.

For just under 10% of princess brides, the timeless white or champagne wedding shoe fits the bill.

Turning up the heat.

5% of brides are going bold with those same sky-high vinyl stilettos that you sometime seen at wedding sites … and sometimes at sites less squeaky-clean and bridal.

Doing it their way.

Almost 15% of fairytale brides are forging their own path through the shoe process, some commissioning custom creations out of raw silk and beads on a clear plastic frame.

Of course, the couture world doesn’t leave us high and dry when it comes to footwear flights of fancy, either. Check out Stuart Weitzman’s lucite-and-rhinestone-studded beauties, “Arabesque,” for starters.

The upshot? The shoes of your dreams are out there. So rest assured, you’ll be walking down the aisle in a pair of foot candy every bit as fabulous as those crystal-draped manzanita branches or that stunning cobblestone-castle cake.

Want more of of the juicy stuff when it comes time to plan your fairytale wedding? See our Fairytale community at FavorIdeas, and our sleek and whimsical selection of fairytale wedding favors.

Lucite Crystal Rhinestone
Lucite Crystal Rhinestone
Lucite Crystal Rhinestone

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