Marquise Diamond Anniversary

Marquise Diamond Anniversary

Diamond anniversary rings are typically set with precious stones so that they encircle all or a large portion of their circumference, as a denotation of undying love – it is supposed to proclaim everlasting passion even a thousand years into the future. A combination of sturdy and delicate, this sparkler will be worth a pretty packet because itÂ’s an anniversary rock – it will be around a lifetime, flashing a reminder of love so precious and oneÂ’s commitment to it. Traditionally, people celebrate ten years of marriage by presenting to one another a diamond ring.

Diamond anniversary rings are usually available in 14K and 18K yellow gold, white gold and platinum. The three-stone diamond anniversary rings seem to be particularly popular. The three stones are symbolic of time – the past, the present and the future of the relationship – each part representing a special phase of the marriage. The diamond in the center is larger than the other two, prompting the couple to ponder if that symbolizes the love they currently share or the happiness that is yet to come.

It is certainly a very romantic and intoxicating contemplation on an anniversary. Couples are looking for metaphors that will portray the time they have spent in concert, and will be a sign of the joy yet to be experienced.

The shape of the diamond too is supposed to add to the appeal and charm of the ring. One can choose from a variety of shapes such as oval, round, emerald, marquise or princess.

Many online retailers allow customers to design their own ring, making it that much more exciting to find the perfect anniversary ring for the perfect mate.

Most online retailers are also willing to show potential buyers designs, which can be modified according to individual tastes if necessary. Thus, custom-made diamond rings are not such a distant dream as it perhaps once was.

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Marquise Diamond Anniversary
Marquise Diamond Anniversary
Marquise Diamond Anniversary

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