Men Diamond Eternity

Men Diamond Eternity

Diamond eternity rings are so beautiful and have such sparkle and fire that everyone admires them. While they originally were referred to as anniversary rings, these circles of diamonds are the ideal gift to commemorate any special event in a loved one’s life. Because the price of them is now much more within reach of the average jewelry buyer, they are more affordable than ever.

A diamond eternity is often given to commemorate a special milestone such as a major anniversary, the birth of a child or a major accomplishment. The particular occasion isn’t nearly as important as the sentiment that the ring is intended to convey. An eternity ring symbolizes that the love of the giver will last for all eternity; it is as never-ending as the circle of the ring of diamonds, which is precious and has no beginning and no end.

Today, more and more couples are choosing matching diamond eternity rings as wedding bands rather than using plain metal bands. The groom will usually wear a larger version of the bride’s ring with diamonds that are larger in size but in the same style as the bride’s ring.

Diamond eternity rings can be either full circle, with the diamonds completely encircling the ring, or half circle, with the diamonds going only half-way around the band. It is purely a matter of preference, although some people prefer the half-band for comfort if the diamonds are particularly large. Keep in mind that a half-band will also be easier to re-size if you gain or lose weight.

Eternity rings are available in wide variety of styles, from vintage-inspired designs to sleek, modern pieces. Materials include white, yellow or rose gold, platinum or titanium. The diamonds themselves can be cut in almost any style desired. The most popular tend to be princess cut and emerald cut because they fit snugly side-by-side in an eternity band, allowing for many diamonds close together on the ring; however, there are also lovely eternity bands with intricately mounted brilliants, marquis, baguette and round cut diamonds.

For more dramatic effect, some diamond eternity rings alternate two different cuts of stones such as baguettes and rounds. This creates added sparkle and gives the outer edges of the ring a scalloped effect where they follow the contours of the diamonds. It’s a lovely, lacey look that is delicate and sophisticated. More contemporary styles may feature channel set or bezel set stones that are flush with the surface of the ring itself.

The most traditional way for a woman to wear a diamond eternity ring is to place it behind her wedding band and engagement ring. Some women, however, choose to remove their wedding ring and wear the eternity ring in place of the wedding band, particularly if the setting enhances her engagement ring. Other women choose to leave their wedding and engagement rings undisturbed and wear their diamond eternity ring on their right hand where it can take center stage all by itself.

Men often reserve a diamond eternity ring to wear as their dress wedding band, wearing a plain band most of the time. This is often because they fear damaging a diamond ring, particularly if they work with their hands. However, diamonds are one of the strongest materials known to man, and if a ring is well made, it should hold up to most everyday wear and tear. If a man would like to wear an eternity ring every day, he should consider looking at bezel set or channel set diamonds, which are less likely to snag or come loose from their settings.

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Men Diamond Eternity
Men Diamond Eternity
Men Diamond Eternity

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