Mens Canary Diamond

Mens Canary Diamond

The colors of the gemstones are what make them look so dazzling and alluring. The most dazzling gemstones are the precious stones. Emeralds, rubies and sapphires are known primarily for their bright green, red and blue colors. While sapphire is also available in colors like pink, green and yellow. Nevertheless, all gemstones have beautiful colors, which increase their exquisiteness. For instance, pearls are white, pink, red, aquamarine is bluish green, amethyst is purple, garnets are green, red, purple, and topaz is yellow and orange in color. Gems also come in different shades of colors, like blue, green or red.

You can choose your gemstone according to the color you like. The deepest or richest colors are the most valuable and expensive stones. Emeralds have different shades of green, but the most popular shade is the bluish green, which is the richest color. Sapphires too are found in pink, green, yellow and different shades of blue. However, the rich blue color is the most valuable and popular stone. Rubies are also found in different shades of red, while the color known, as “pigeon’s blood” is the darkest and richest red available, which is very powerful. This deep red ruby is mined only in Myanmar.

When precious stones are found in mines, they do not look as attractive as they should be. Stones are usually polished, carved and cut into different shapes and sizes for it to acquire its beauty. According to the polish of the stone, the value increases.

It is a common notion that the deeper and richer the color of the stone, the more precious and valuable it is. For instance, bright white pearls, green garnets, royal purple amethysts, yellow topaz, deep red corals are the most precious and valuable gem stones existing. A lighter colored gemstone, like a light green garnet isn’t as precious as a parrot green garnet.

It is very difficult to obtain the richest color of a stone, as they are very rare. Thus most of the people settle with lighter colors, as they are easily available and very affordable. These days, people prefer a lighter garnet, or a lighter purple amethyst, as it is next to impossible to afford or find the “perfect” green or purple. As long as the gemstone is powerful and attractive people are content.

However, it is strange that diamond, which is the most expensive and exquisite gemstone, is valued by how colorless it is. Diamonds are rated according to their shine, and neutral color. If the diamond is white or pale pink, it is regarded as a low grade diamond. But if the diamond is known as a pink diamond, or a canary diamond then it is considered worthy. The most high priced diamonds are oddly, colorless.

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Mens Canary Diamond
Mens Canary Diamond
Mens Canary Diamond

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