Motherhood Swarovski Crystal

Motherhood Swarovski Crystal

This is part two in a series about different wedding traditions in various countries.

For good luck the Irish believe in the sun shining on the bride, to hear the cuckoo on the wedding morning, to see three magpies, and after the wedding ceremony it is important that a man, and not a woman, be the first to wish joy to the new bride. Some Irish people will wear a claddagh ring for a wedding ring. This ring was created by a master goldsmith. It symbolizes love, loyalty and friendship. When worn on the right hand, with the heart facing inward, means the wearers heart is unoccupied.. When the heart is facing outward, it means love is being considered. When worn on the left hand facing outward, it means the wearer is seriously committed to marry. At some Irish weddings, the groom is lifted in a chair (jaunting chair), to celebrate that he is a married man. For good luck, the newlyweds are given a horseshoe to display in their home, in the upward position.

In a Chinese wedding, the bride may wear a red dress which symbolizes love and joy. A family member may reenact the newlyweds courtship, do introductions and toasts. At the wedding reception, a nine-course meal, which can last up to three hours, is very popular. The priest blesses the rings and makes the sign of the cross over the groom’s head. The koumbaros (best man), exchanges the rings three times, taking the bride’s rings and placing it on the groom’s finger, and vice-versa. This exchange signifies that the weakness of one partner will be compensated by the strength of the other, and the imperfections of one, by the perfections of the other. Candles are held throughout the wedding ceremony. The candles symbolize the five wise maidens of the Bible who, because they had enough oil in them, were able to receive Christ when He came in the darkness of night.

To become husband and wife in Japan, the couple takes sips of sake, becoming husband and wife after the first sip. The bride’s gown is often the traditional kimono. She usually changes at the reception.

In Mexico, for fun and entertainment, a traditional pinata is used. Guests usually form a heart-shaped ring around the couple before the newlyweds dance. Red beads are sometimes tossed at the couple to bring good luck.

The mother of a Polish bride may choose to place the veil on the bride before the wedding ceremony, this symbolizes her last task that a mother does on behalf of her girl, before she becomes a married woman. A traditional folk song, (Twelve Angels) is sometimes played at the reception, allowing the bride to transfer the veil and good luck to be married to her maid of honor, bridesmaids, and flower girl. Polka dances are very popular. As a remembrance to the bride, friends in the village would weave a crown of rosemary leaves.

The Spanish groom sometimes gives the bride thirteen coins in memory of Christ and the twelve apostles. The bride carries them in a small bag during the wedding ceremony as a symbol that the groom promises to support and care for her.

In Sweden, wives wear three wedding rings: for betrothal, marriage, and motherhood.

In Wales, spooning is coined by lovesick men to his beloved. If she wore it around her neck on a ribbon, she returned his love and they were engaged.

Greek newlyweds wear a crown of flowers during the wedding ceremony. The couple may walk around the altar three times, representing the Holy Trinity. At the reception, folk dances are popular with guests lining up in a single file.

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Motherhood Swarovski Crystal
Motherhood Swarovski Crystal
Motherhood Swarovski Crystal

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