Multi Swarovski Crystal

Multi Swarovski Crystal

Swarovski crystal Bermuda Blue crystal colour and finish – a detailed description.

Deep Light-Filled Oceanic Beauty.

Bermuda blue is a longstanding Swarovski crystal special colour. Available in many of the smaller crystal designs (up to approx 20mm), the colour is created with a heavy metallic back-coating and special finish.

A darker tone than the ‘pure blue’ Swarovski sapphire blue aurora borealis, Bermuda blue is not a pure single-tone blue. As a multi-tone colour, Bermuda blue has a large chromatic range with variations displayed in response to ambient and background light conditions.

From pale aquamarine, high-noon sunlight piercing a peaked pacific wave at the precipitous moment of a cresting surf. Through blue steel and cobalt, clear skies and regal sapphires, hinting violets, cool placid alpine-lakes and soft velveteen lilac with capricious cyan glints. The cerulean splendour of glossy-brochure seas, lapping sun-kissed sands.

On to darker shades, with navy and peacock blue but always the ghosting presence of light-filled fresh green hues. A satin touch of purple, indigo and mauve, laser blue and turquoise as highlight counterpoint. A tranquil midnight blue envelopes the outer crystal edges as kaleidoscope spectra dance across brilliant facet faces.

The heavy back coating, similar in essence but more pronounced than that of Aurora Borealis, acts like a mirror when viewed from the crystal face. Reflecting colours within and without the crystal as well as adding a profound translucence and ‘flash’. This gives Bermuda blue its unmistakable tonal characteristics and brilliance, emphasizing the inherent colours and creating incidental radiant combinations.

The colour has a noticeable holographic effect in some light conditions, the deep blues and purples appearing to extend from the crystal surface. This is as a consequence of the many reflective facets and refracted colours.

Article written by Tim Vogel. To view a fine selection of Jewellery pieces featuring authentic Swarovski crystal components and precious metal fittings , visit us here:

Multi Swarovski Crystal
Multi Swarovski Crystal
Multi Swarovski Crystal

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