Natural Diamond Earrings

Natural Diamond Earrings
where can i sell my diamond earrings for a good price?

hi there,

i wanted to sell these earrings that i received for a present a while back and i was wondering where the best place to sell was. Ive never worn them (blue really isnt my color) and they are practically new.

to be honest i dont want to sell on ebay or a pawnshop because i know that theyll rip me off, but i dont know where else to sell.

the earrings description are as follows:

0.38 carat round brilliant diamond
38 pieces of diamond
Clarity SI-1 to SI-3
Color H-i
2.02 carat genuine Oval shape Tanzanite
Size for each stone is 8x6mm
Composition: Natural
Clarity Transparent
Color Violet-Blue
Hardness 7
14k in white gold
3.26 grams
Style Post/Backing
Estimated Replacement Value: 2,667

(tanzantine is also becoming more rare apparently)

im not in a hurry to sell but obviously i would like to do it sooner than later.

please help
sorry i forgot to put the dollar sign in the 2,667:

replacement value is rougly around $2667

Selling jewelry is hard as you will never get the price you paid for it in the first place. You can set your price on ebay with buy it now and hope for the best, or try craigslist…I would avoid the pawn shop.

Natural Diamond Earrings
Natural Diamond Earrings
Natural Diamond Earrings

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