Natural Diamond Engagement

Natural Diamond Engagement
Lab created vs. Natural diamond?

So, I read the question below and noticed that alot of people said they would rather have a lab created engagement ring. I was wondering what is the difference (other than the obvious fact that it is man-made) between lab created & natural (does it look different?) Is a lab created diamond the same thing as a Cubic Zarconia? Because I’ve always heard that CZ’s are like cheap, knock-off diamonds. Was I just mis-informed by jewelry snobs? Because the idea of paying less would probably spur my boyfriend to propose sooner.

Maybe I should casually mention that CZ’s are just as nice as natural diamonds…..

CZ is not a diamond, it’s as most people would call “fake.”

Lab-created diamonds are identical to real diamonds. They are still diamonds, but are man-made instead of mined.

Also, from wikipedia: “Although synthetic and natural diamonds are theoretically identical and indistinguishable from each other, diamonds from each of the two categories usually incorporate their own characteristic imperfections, arising from the circumstances of their creation, that allow them to be distinguished from each other.”

So a professional can tell a difference, but really, it’s still a diamond. It’s also easier, I think, to make bigger or colored diamonds when they are lab-created. And, best of all, none of the pesky political/human rights issues associated with mined diamonds!

ETA: I just want to add that if YOU like CZ, or moissanite, or another diamond-like stone, go for it! It will be cheaper and probably just as pretty. This whole diamond racket is all based on a decades-old marketing campaign anyway.

Natural Diamond Engagement
Natural Diamond Engagement
Natural Diamond Engagement

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