Natural Pear Diamond

Natural Pear Diamond

A pink diamond ring reflects a creative and artistic personality of the lucky person who wears one. Rare and beautiful, pink hue diamonds are owned by celebrities and the very rich. Those of us not in that category can enjoy their beauty in inexpensive replicas that modern technology has produced. These are known as inspired rings. These synthetic pink diamonds can look so real that it is difficult even for professional jewelers to recognize. It takes special equipment to determine the authenticity of a natural pink gem diamond.

The world’s supply of natural pink colored diamonds is being depleted, so the price will continue to escalate. The Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia produces 90 percent of the world’s diamonds. Pink colored diamonds comprise of only one tenth of one percent of those and officials say that that supply will run out in a few years. The value of a pink diamond is determined by color, clarity, and absence of flaws. The more intense the color, the more expensive the diamond will be. Colors range from a light pink to a purplish red. It is thought that during the hundreds of years the diamond was being formed, certain minerals were present that contributed to the color.

Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

Who wouldn’t be thrilled to receive a pink hued diamond engagement ring? When a celebrity receives one the media is quick to report it. We heard about the 1.2 million dollar pink engagement ring that Ben Affeck gave to Jennifer Lopez. We also read about Mariah Carey’s pink diamond engagement ring. Soccer player David Becham gave his wife a 10-carat pink diamond ring with matching earrings. That must have put a slight dent in his pocketbook.

If you have 10 million dollars to invest, you might check out the Graff Vivid Pink Pear Shaped Diamond Ring or the Harry Winston Fancy Intense Pink Diamond, 10-carat ring. You can find these online. If buying a natural pink diamond on line it is extremely important to deal with a reputable jeweler and make sure you get an authentic certification.

No matter what kind of ring you decide to purchase for the special someone in your life, make sure your motivations aren’t just to find the most expensive, but the one that will truly be special.

Dexter Michaels is an avid fan of new jewelry styles and online marketing. He has three small children and regularly writes about pink diamonds and Avon Necklaces, among other topics.

Natural Pear Diamond
Natural Pear Diamond
Natural Pear Diamond

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