Natural Rough Diamond

Natural Rough Diamond

Few people know of the Fancy Colored Diamonds, at least many people may not know them by that name. There’re many colors to meet the eye. These rough diamonds become classified, certified, put in categories and go through a grading process. Some of you may know of the famous Blue Diamond or the very expensive Pink Diamond purchased by famous celebrities. These rocks are quite popular with Hollywood Celebrities and the wealthy the world over.

Fancy Diamonds are found primarily in the Argyle mines of Australia. Their extremely rare and precious, constituting less than 1% of the world quantity of rough diamonds manufactured every year and this quantity gets less each year. These precious stones are found in many different colors such as; pink, blue, red, yellow, green, brown, purple, orange, gray, black, violet and even fancy white. Fancy loose diamonds can appear either as one primary color or one with a secondary hue. When the colored stone appears as a single color, the price is much more expensive. An example of one with a secondary hue is a pink diamond with an orange hue or a fancy color of brown, green and yellow, or a grayish blue diamond.

After these diamonds have been classified, these natural rough rocks are certified in a gemological institute such as GIA, HRD, and IGI. Once a stone has been graded and certified the natural loose diamond will have it’s own ID number. Measurements of the loose diamonds, diamond weight, diamond shape, clarity, polish, symmetry, and it’s fluorescence are recorded with the diamond ID. Colored diamonds come in all cuts, including: princess, oval, marquise, heart, pear, radiant, asscher, emerald, cushion and round.

The diamond price is reflected by these categories: color, cut, clarity, and carat cut. Colored diamonds are polished in a way unlike your common white diamond. On these diamonds, the color needs to be emphasized as much as possible. The grading system for colored stones, unlike white diamonds, go by color intensity. Fancy diamonds are graded by: light, fancy light, fancy, fancy intense, fancy deep, fancy dark and fancy vivid. The stronger the color the higher the price, and this goes for all Fancy Colored Diamonds.

Pink Diamonds have been the most popular of the colored diamonds. Fancy vivid and Fancy dark are the most adored and therefore the most expensive. Red, purple and orange are the secondary hues found in pink diamonds and the color in these natural pink rocks are caused by a process called plastic deformation. Pink stones play the role of cupid among the colored diamonds.

Blue Diamonds can be bought in a varied selection of shapes and intensities. They are usually certified by GIA or IGI. Loose blue rocks are extremely rare and as a result, their prices are very high. Fancy blues are completely natural and are classified as either gray-blue or green-blue. The color in gray-blue, grayish-blue, blackish-blue, or black-blue rocks are caused by the presence of small amounts of boron in their molecular structure. Green-blue or greenish-blue (teal) colored diamonds usually contain nitrogen impurities in aggregate form.

Famous people like actor and director, Ben Affleck purchased a 6.1 carat pink diamond as an engagement ring for Jennifer Lopez. David Beckham purchased for his Wife, Victoria Posh Adams, Formerly known as Spice Girl, a $1.8 million pink diamond apology ring. At two consecutive Sotheby auctions, Blue Diamond dealer Lawrence Graff paid for a 3.73 carat fancy vivid blue diamond and Lisa Moussaieff payed for a 39.19 carat blue diamond.

More and more, people are learning of these beautiful and rare diamond colors. Blue and pink are the most common of the colors but the other colors are cheaper and just as beautiful. Knowing the diamonds are classified, certified, and graded adds quality assurance to the selections available for consumers. With the many different colors and secondary hues, you could find that perfect and very unique diamond like no other. The wealthy in many of the nations of our world have been enjoying the beauty of these stones for ages. Now it’s time for you to see the beauty of these Fancy Colored Diamonds and have one of your own.

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Natural Rough Diamond
Natural Rough Diamond
Natural Rough Diamond

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