Necklace Crystal Earrings

Necklace Crystal Earrings
Tiara and necklace. Please look oppinions needed?

Ok I posted a question earlier about asking how much you spent on your hairpiece and jewelery. Instead of getting answers I got criticized. So, please look that the links below and tell me what you think of the tiara and necklace (two different links). I could definitely re-wear the necklace and earrings. My dress (Maggie Sottero) has crystal beading through out and so does my veil so I think this would really pick up on that. Are these too expensive? Can you suggest an alternate?


Necklace & Earrings:

I like them both!
Don’t let these B get to you on here… they are just jealous.

OK- Not sure but I won’t wear gold and silver together- the tiara is gold.

If you love it- get it. If you’re feeling cheap- search around ebay some more. Also save the picture and email it to some vendors that carry alot of them- I have found things like that on ebay too.

Necklace Crystal Earrings
Necklace Crystal Earrings
Necklace Crystal Earrings

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