Ocean Wedding Crystal

Ocean Wedding Crystal

It’s crystal clear. You are absolutely in love and can’t wait to walk down the aisle to your very own prince charming. If you want to get this message through to your guests, you can always do it with beautiful glass wedding favors. Wedding favors are a wonderful way of showing your loved ones your gratitude for sharing this amazing moment with you, and help them remember this unique day in your life.

This time we will specifically talk of glass wedding favors. Just thinking about the word “crystal” takes you to a delicate sophisticated place. Imagine how much a crystal touch can add to the guests at your party by just being there, let alone giving it out as an especially dedicated gift.

You probably want to give your loved ones a delicacy, but not something that will break as soon as they put it in their purses or walk out of the reception. This is why glass coasters are a good choice. With different designs, this very useful favor will not only make your guests happy to take home something they can actually use, but are durable while maintaining the sought for delicacy.

If you are a flower lover, you can go for Calla Lily Bouquet Design Glass Coasters, or a Calla lily Glass Coasters in Personality Box. These last ones have a great plus: personalization. Personalizing your favors can make your guests feel even more special, while helping express yourself more freely through the gift. In this case you can choose from 20 different box designs and colors, making sure your favors will perfectly match every detail in your dream wedding. There are a lot more coaster designs to choose from: for a seasonal wedding you can go for the “Fall in Love” Frosted Leaf Design Glass Coaster Set, or either the Beach Themed Glass Coaster Favors or the Shell and Starfish Frosted Glass Coasters if you are planning a beautiful wedding.

If the case is that you are planning a beach wedding and would love to give your guests souvenirs made of crystal, but don’t love the coaster idea that much, you can also go for candle holders. Sea Animal Glass Candle Holders come in sets of three and are made of aqua colored glass. They can surely add a sweet seaside touch to the party. You can get pretty similar results from Glass Starfish Candle Holders, playful and absolutely beautiful. If you look for something even more delicate, you can consider the Ocean of love Beach Theme Candle, which comes in a frosted glass candle holder with two Dolphins drawn on it.

Candle fans that aren’t necessarily holding a beach wedding can also have crystal candle holder favors for their friends and family. You can go for the Calla Lily Scented Frosted Glass Votive, the Elegant Frosted White Glass Flower Candle Holder or the Love Set Glass Votive Candle Holders, among many others.

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Ocean Wedding Crystal
Ocean Wedding Crystal
Ocean Wedding Crystal

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