Pave Diamond Hoop

Pave Diamond Hoop

If diamonds are a girls best friend, diamond earrings may be a boyfriend or husband’s best friend come holiday time. They are a classy gift. You can spend less than $100 on a nice pair or splurge and spend thousands on a expertly crafted set with large gems.

There are so many different styles that you could give her a pair every Christmas, birthday, and Valentine’s day and never duplicate yourself. Stud earrings place a single diamond in each ear. The diamond’s size determines the price of the earrings. But other types of earrings depend on the artistry of the jewelry maker. For instance, a diamond pave hoop is a medium sized loop that is covered in very small diamonds.

Another popular style is called the “Three Drop Diamond” and it features three similar sized gems proceeding vertically from the base.

Men like to say “I love you” with jewelry. One way to do this is to give her a gold or silver heart with diamonds embedded in it. Don’t think that they have to include diamonds only either. Many of the most popular earrings also have other precious jewels incorporated into the pattern. For instance, that “Three Drop Diamond” I mentioned earlier could have emeralds between the diamonds. And pink or blue sapphires make nice accents for diamond earrings.

Diamonds don’t have to be the centerpiece of the earrings either. A large ruby surrounded by very small diamonds makes an elegant pair of earrings. Diamond earrings are something she’s sure to wear for years on end. They make an excellent gift whatever the occasion. Or even for no occasion at all!

When you’re stumped for a gift, Diamond Earrings may be the perfect answer. To find out more about Diamond Jewelry, go to

By: Stacy Fox

Pave Diamond Hoop
Pave Diamond Hoop
Pave Diamond Hoop

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