Pave Set Diamond

Pave Set Diamond
Did we get my engagement ring for a good price?

I’d like to know from people who have either bought or investigated engagement rings and prices, if you think we got a good price for mine. My ring is a princess cut, on a white gold cathedral setting, with pave diamonds on all 4 sides. The center stone is .73 ct. I color, I1, (it’s a fairly good I1) and the diamonds on the ring are .5 ct. The diamond is about $2000, and the ring about $1500. The total price is around $3500.
Thank you so much for your input. It’s bad to second-guess, so I really appreciate you guys humoring me. The fact is, I’m in love with my ring almost as much as I love my man. And what’s special about it is that we picked it out together.

Plus he wants to upgrade my diamond every few years, and the place we got it from offers 100% trade in value, in addition to life-time warranty for the ring.

Thanks again.

The only way to know is to take it to another jeweler and get a rough estimate of the price. Don’t give him any information. Or, get an appraisal by the company that sold you the diamond or someone independent. That will cost some money.

The ring sounds beautiful. It’s value is in how much you love it and the love between you and your fiance’.

Pave Set Diamond
Pave Set Diamond
Pave Set Diamond

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