Peacock Swarovski Crystal

Peacock Swarovski Crystal

Every so often a new wedding trend comes along that feels really fresh and new. When you see it, you go, “Wow! Why didn’t I think of that?”. This is exactly how I felt when I first came across a surprising new wedding trend: peacock feathers.

Peacock feathers have wonderful possibilities as wedding decorations. They are rich, colorful, elegant, and above all, glamorous. The mixture of teal blue, emerald or clover green, purple, indigo, and gold is a fabulous color palette for a wedding. In addition, the exotic and unique feeling of peacock feathers makes them perfect for any bride who wants her wedding to have a strong and cohesive feeling with great style.

Both the actual peacock feathers and their colors have infinite uses in a wedding. The place that most brides will begin incorporating this special accent is the wedding flowers. Peacock feathers combine wonderfully with flowers. You can either have a few longer plumes curling out of the main part of the bouquet or tuck the colorful eyes of the feathers right into the flowers. Either way, the effect will be whimsical and unexpected. Some of the flowers that work especially well with peacock feathers are hydrangeas (blue, green, or purple), purple calla lilies, rich purple orchids, and even purple roses. Tie it all up with a metallic gold ribbon to play up the glamor and elegance of the feathers.

Another option for the bouquets and even the reception centerpieces is to let the feathers take center stage. There is no rule that the bride must carry a bouquet of flowers, after all. For a dramatic impact, carry a bouquet created entirely from showy peacock feathers. Tall plumes look stunning spilling out of tall slim vases at the reception. You can have the feathers surround a floral display like a glamorous ruff, or eschew the blossoms altogether and have your table arrangements designed exclusively with peacock feathers.

Extending a great wedding motif to the cake is a must. There are a few ways that peacock feathers can be used to decorate a cake. One is to use a few of the eyes with small clusters of flowers, such as green and purple hydrangeas, for the cake topper. Or really go all out, with a cake that is decorated to look like a peacock feather. Metallic blue fondant trimmed with gold, green, and purple frosting peacock feather “eyes” will look breathtaking. This cake design would be absolutely stunning for an elegant evening wedding.

The colors found in peacock feathers will carry easily throughout the wedding. Choose bridesmaid dresses in a rich teal satin or a deep exotic purple. To accent the solid color dresses, have bridesmaid jewelry sets custom made from Swarovski crystals in shades of teal, green, and purple. The sets of bridesmaid jewelry can be created in a tin cup style necklace, where each color of crystal is spread out along a delicate chain. The three colors look so pretty layered together that the end result will be bridesmaid gifts that your attendants will treasure for years to come. As a final accent, give each bridesmaid a clutch in a different peacock color than her dress, and stitch a small feather with the eye to the clasp.

You can really be as creative as you like with a peacock feather theme. The pattern can be used to create luxurious table linens for your reception. Swags of organza and satin in peacock colors can be draped inside the ceiling of a tent. You can even glue a little feather to each of your escort cards. The multi-colored and rich nature of peacock feathers makes it a hard motif to overdo, so you can really have fun incorporating the glamorous feathers into your wedding at every turn.

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Peacock Swarovski Crystal
Peacock Swarovski Crystal
Peacock Swarovski Crystal

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