Pear Brilliant Diamond

Pear Brilliant Diamond

The shape of a diamond is something which brings about a uniqueness to both the stone and the individual who wears it. For most women, there are diamond shapes which are desirable and ones which may be less so. Some women like their engagement rings to be round, traditional ones whereas others are interested in acquiring a fancy cut diamond like the Asscher cut. No matter what one’s taste may be with regard to diamond shape, there is sure to be a gemstone to suit one’s individual desires. In general, some diamond shapes are more popular than others and the following will list the top five diamond shapes starting with the most popular and then heading downward with regard to popularity.

Round Shape Diamonds

The most popular shape of diamond on the market today is the round diamond. The popularity of this shape of gemstone has been present for many years. There is just something about a round diamond which individuals enjoy. No matter whether it is in an engagement ring or in another type of jewelry item, the round shape diamond continues to be the most popular these days. For those who choose the round diamond for their engagement ring, the meaning behind this shape of stone relates to love being continuous as a circle would be. Whether meaning or simply individual taste, the round stone is extremely popular.

Princess Cut Diamond

The second most popular shape of diamond is that of the princess cut. The princess cut diamond is a square stone which comes in a wide variety of sizes and brilliance levels. This style of diamond is relatively new in the world of gemstone cuts. Recently, the popularity of the stone has increased as more and more individuals realize the brilliance of the princess cut. The clean lines and sparkling qualities of the princess cut gemstone make it a winner for many, whether in the form of an engagement ring or another type of jewelry item.

Marquise Brilliant Cut

After the round cut and princess cut, it is often a toss up with regard to the next most popular diamond shapes. Some feel that the marquise brilliant cut is third in line with regard to shape popularity. This stone looks like an oval with pointed ends to it. Although the popularity has tapered off a bit in the past five years or so, it still remains quite likable with women who shop for rings, earrings, etc.

Oval Shaped Brilliant

Perhaps next in line is that of the oval shaped brilliant diamond. This style of gemstone looks exactly like its name suggests, oval-shaped. Its rounded ends make this stone shine, no matter whether it is placed in an engagement ring setting or that of a pendant setting. The oval shaped brilliant has 56 facets in it which make the finished product simply spectacular.

Pear Shaped Brilliant Diamond

Lastly, the pear shaped brilliant diamond is definitely considered to be amongst the top five favorite diamond shapes. Resembling a teardrop, the pear shaped style really catches one’s eye when placed in an earring or pendant setting. The combination of these two types of jewelry pieces with a pear shaped diamond embedded within them is a spectacular combination and quite popular with the jewelry buying public.

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Pear Brilliant Diamond
Pear Brilliant Diamond
Pear Brilliant Diamond

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