Pear Shape Diamond

Pear Shape Diamond

In choosing the perfect engagement ring for your beau, aside from the price and the size of stone, an important consideration is the shape of the gem as well. The pear shape diamond engagement ring may not be a conventional choice but any engagement rings that profess love are truly fit for the woman you love.

The pear diamond engagement ring is also known as the teardrop shape. It is actually a cross between the oval and marquise shape of stone. You may have seen this type of engagement ring as popular cuts for earrings and pendants but lately this type of shape is making its way on engagement rings as well.

Unknown to many, the pear shape diamond engagement ring or teardrop diamond is cut and perfected by a Flemish in the name of Lodweyk Van Berquem as early as the 1400′s. Although this diamond engagement ring did not gain much popularity because gemologist and jewelers feel the design was a waste of diamond.

Since this diamond is cut in a way that one end is round and elongated and the other tip is pointed, so most part of the gem is cut away.

Fortunately with the advancement in technology, different machines and methods for cutting the diamond is invented so not much of the diamond is wasted. The pear diamond engagement ring would be perfect as a solitaire but you can have it styled set and designed with other stones or precious gems to accentuate the diamond itself.

The most controversial pear diamond ring would probably be the one actor Richard Burton gave to his lady love Elizabeth Taylor. It was a 69.42 carat pear diamond. Eventually it was sold in 1979 for three million dollars $3M that helped build a hospital in Botswana.

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Pear Shape Diamond
Pear Shape Diamond
Pear Shape Diamond

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