Peridot Swarovski Crystal

Peridot Swarovski Crystal

The first bracelets date back as early as 2500 B.C. Bracelets and other accessories, back then, were meant to signify just how wealthy a person was. The more the person had jewelry on, the richer he or she was. But throughout the ages, bracelets have become powerful statements of a person’s style. Today, whatever the style or the budget, there surely is a wide range of styles and makes of bracelets to choose from. And if you’re going along with some holiday shopping, this list of the Top 10 Bracelets may help you in choosing the right jewelry gifts this Christmas 2008.

1. Byzantine Bracelet – This piece is made up of seven inches of pure 5mm yellow gold, and designed into intricate knots that show Italian Byzantine influence. This would go well as a single piece or one may wear it together with other gold bracelets to get that Bohemian look. A sterling silver version is also available.

2. Diamond Tennis Bracelet – Twenty six diamond gemstones line the contours of its pure 18K Vermeil gold frame. Netaya’s 0.25 Carat diamond tennis bracelet would be a stunning addition to an evening or blacktie party ensemble.

3. Blue Topaz Bracelet – Perfect for a fresh yet stylish look, this piece has seven inches of lined blue topaz gems set against a sterling silver background with gold overlay. It can be worn with a simple Sunday dress or with an eye-catching evening gown.

4. Yellow Gold Double-Link Charm Bracelet – This piece of 7.5″ of 14K yellow gold, will bring the “style” in your stylish attire. Dressing down? This bracelet can go well with a simple blouse and a great pair of jeans. Or dress up by pairing this up with a little black dress for dinner.

5. Figaro Chain Bracelet – Sometimes, less is more. And this is the case with this 3mm Figaro Chain Bracelet. Made from 14K yellow gold, this 8-inch beauty would perfectly complement a shirt dress or something as basic as tank top, blue jeans, and flip flops.

6. Italian Mesh Bracelet – She can sparkle too, you know. When she wears this 7.5-inch 12mm Sterling Silver Italian Mesh Bracelet to that Christmas dinner, she’s sure to catch everyone’s eyes. This piece can amp up a simple cocktail dress or add the glam in a glamorous long gown during those Christmas galas.

7. Blue Topaz and Amethyst Bracelet – From the Netaya Collection comes this 7-inch sterling silver bracelet. It is adorned with alternatin blue topaz and amethyst gems, each separated by sterling silver material shaped into tiny bows. This is best for achieving that dainty and ladylike look.

8. Multi-Color Swarovski Crystal Bracelet – Can’t give her the sun? Well, give her the rainbow instead. And with this 7.5-inch piece with a motley of shades of crystals, she can have the rainbow on her hand, or more aptly, on her wrist.

9. Pearl Bracelet – Make her look magical this holiday season. This piece from the collection features freshwater cultured pearls paired up with citrine, peridot, and amethyst gem accents to give her that ethereal glow.

10. Celtic Amber Bracelet – Ever the fashionista? Then she should love this sterling silver Celtic wrist piece. The design is simple, but memorable. The main design is in the Celtic “love knots” that nestles an amber in the center. This piece would complement the gypsy look, a sexy bikini, or a long and flowing Batik maxi dress.

Go ahead and use our list for the easiest and convenient holiday shopping.

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Peridot Swarovski Crystal
Peridot Swarovski Crystal
Peridot Swarovski Crystal

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