Pink Crystal Floral

Pink Crystal Floral

Wedding gowns are more eclectic and beautiful than ever these days. Although there are trends every season, there are so many options available that each bride can create a very personal look. One beautiful way to spice up your bridal gown is with color.

Color can be used as a very subtle accent or as a bold statement. The gown itself can be in a hue other than white, or touches of color can be added to a white background. If a bride just loves pink, maybe she would be happiest in a lustrous satin gown in the palest of pinks. Certain skin tones will absolutely glow in a soft gold wedding gown. For a very traditional bride, choosing a gown in a color besides white or ivory may feel too risky, but there are other ways to get a little pop of color into your ensemble.

A lovely way to add interest to a simple white wedding gown is with a colorful sash around the waist, flowing down into tails in the back. Fabrics that are crisp but lightweight such as organza or silk taffeta are perfect for a sash. Long tails in the back of the gown add drama during the ceremony, and then can be bustled up with the gown for the reception. Having the tails layered over the dress makes for an especially pretty bustle.

Embroidery is another detail that can be done in luscious colors. Delicate floral embroidery covering the bodice of a gown is beautiful in a pale blue or pink. A very hot trend right now is bold scrollwork designs embroidered in black thread on a white gown. Brides who choose that look often like to have the motif from their gown repeated on the wedding cake. I have also seen magnificent hand embroidery around the necklines of simple silk gowns. For an autumn wedding, opt for petite flowers and vines stitched in warm fall hues. A very subtle but special effect is ivory on white daisies embroidered with a hint of yellow in the centers.

Brides who love sparkle can add beadwork in their favorite color to their gown. It is a fabulous way to create a completely custom look. Twinkling blue Swarovski crystals would be amazing scattered over an embroidered motif. Another great look is to add a row of crystals around the waistline of a wedding gown. Whatever color you choose, carry it into a stunning set of crystal bridal jewelry for a beautifully coordinated result. A very pretty look is to combine clear and colored beads in your crystal bridal jewelry. Great color choices include: blue (for your something blue), pink (for a feminine touch), and peridot green for a fresh summer look. A dash of color in your wedding accessories is also a fun way to jazz up an all-white gown.

One of the most innovative uses of color I ever saw was in the custom wedding gown worn by a ballroom dancer. She wanted a traditional white gown for walking down the aisle, but she also loved bright red, and hoped to find a clever way to accent her dress with it. The gown was created from layers of white silk chiffon and fluid silk crepe. Underneath all of the white layers of the skirt was a final layer of silk crepe in true red. When the bride walked down the aisle, she was a vision in white, with little flashes of red peeking out as the layers of her gown flowed and floated. Then for the reception, the entire white overlayer of the skirt could be removed, and she got to dance the night away in her one of a kind gown with a white bodice and a red skirt. It was an incredible wedding gown.

Adding a dash of color to your bridal gown is a terrific way to make the dress reflect your personality. It is a also a great idea if you want to make a simple gown more eye-catching. Not only can you make your gown more beautiful, but the color you choose can be used as a theme throughout your whole wedding to make it really show your style.

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Pink Crystal Floral
Pink Crystal Floral
Pink Crystal Floral

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