Pink Crystal Heart

Pink Crystal Heart

Wearing a particular colour can affect your moods, feelings and emotions. They influence your actions and how you respond to people, situations and ideas. They also affect how others perceive you. The colour you wear can influence people around you in many ways, many we don’t even understand.

Wearing the colour pink can make you feel happier, help attract a lover into your life.

Colour and its use and meaning have intrigued and fascinated people over the centuries. Pink in particular has long been associated with love, affection, warmth and compassion. Wearing any shade of the colour pink is said to be very attracting of feelings of love, and gentle affection from others.

Expressions such as “feeling in the pink” and being “tickled pink” convey a positive connotation to this colour. So if you’re feeling blue, down in the dumps, need to attract a soul mate, or just want to feel good about yourself — then start wearing more pink!

One shade or other of the colour pink seems to suit and flatter all skin tones. Fair-haired blondes tend to look best in baby pink and softer shades of candy pink, whereas darker skin tones can wear vibrant fuchsia and cerise and look fabulous.

Everyone is guaranteed to look good in at least one shade of pink.

Finding your perfect shade of Pink

Finding the perfect shade of pink for you is simple. Visit a clothing store, select as many shades of pink clothing as you can find. The clothing item, size and design does not matter at this stage, it is the colour you need to focus on. Hold one at a time each shade of pink clothing in front of you while looking in the mirror. Some shades of pink may make you look washed out or drained of colour. Other shades will make your eyes look lifeless and dull. Look carefully at your face and if your eyes sparkle, your cheeks blush pink and your whole face lights up then you have the right shade of pink for you!

Start wearing your perfect shade of pink and wait for the compliments, attention and affection from others to flow to you. More than any other colour, pink is renowned as a colour that can attract a potential partner. Wear something in pink if you want to attract a lover.

Wearing pink is also a natural way to reduce stress, become more positive, and help alleviate feelings of depression, doom and gloom. It’s a natural uplifting colour and generates warm feelings.

Using the colour pink for clothing, decorating your home, or just enjoying this colour within nature, will help you attract more love into your life. This can be love for yourself and raising your self-esteem, or love and affection from others.

Choosing Pink as a Favourite Colour

Everyone loves to be loved, but if you tend to choose pink as your favourite colour it often shows a craving for love. This can be a need to increase your own self-love or a need to attract love from others. Perhaps those around you have not been as affectionate, caring or attentive as you want them to be. You need to feel wanted, cherished and most of all loved, to be the best person you can be.

The Magic of Colour

The colour pink is connected with the zodiac sign of Aquarius and the planet Venus.

Pink is also connected to the Lovers Tarot card.

Colour has wonderful properties and influence, and the colour pink is particularly important for attracting love. Wear pink and carry around a pink crystal — for maximum attraction!

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Pink Crystal Heart
Pink Crystal Heart
Pink Crystal Heart

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