Pink Diamond Ring

Pink Diamond Ring
How much would a pink diamond ring cost?


I am looking at engagement rings and I am thinking about a pink diamond.

How much would a ring like that cost? It can be a solitaire if the diamond is big enough.

Can I get a descent looking pink diamond ring for $1500 or less?

I doubt it, but you might know more!

Pink diamonds are a lot more rare than regular diamonds, so the price tags match that fact.

Here are some examples from Blue Nile … very pricey!

I am a great lover of pink myself, but my fiance wanted to get my a more traditional engagement ring (with a center diamond). So he custom designed a three-stone ring with a center diamond and pink sapphire side-stones. I LOVE it! And I am the envy of all of my pink-loving friends!

Pink Sapphires are much less expensive than pink diamonds, and you have more selection of the range of pink you can choose. I have also heard that most pink diamonds are artificially coloured, so they aren’t really natural stones. Pink sapphires on the other hand are natural. So a ring with pink sapphires might be a better alternative.

My sister-in-law’s engagement ring is three thin bands that make up the main band … the middle band is pink gold with pink diamonds (pave setting, very tiny chips of diamonds … it almost looks like sparkling dust … it’s very cool). But her setting cost almost as much as her 1.25 carat diamond!

Here is a picture of my ring:

Pink Diamond Ring
Pink Diamond Ring
Pink Diamond Ring

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