Pink Gold Diamond

Pink Gold Diamond
Pink diamond, rose necklace question?

My grandmother gave me a 10k gold necklace with a rose in the middle of the rose is a pink diamond. On the back it says ‘S.FIORI’ and ’925′ The only thing I can find is Sophia Fiori but I can’t find anyhting on necklaces seems she does rings mostly. Could anyone help me out do you know any jewler with that name? If needed I can post a picture later just ask.
thanx kem
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Here’s a thought–does it look like the “rose” might be a different metal than the necklace? The reason I ask is “925″ is the modern way of indicating the metal passed the test for sterling silver. (In olden days, it was a lion instead of the “925.”) Sometimes the 925 appears inside an oval, but not always.

If the necklace’s chain is a different metal than the rose, it’s possible the S. Fiori designer crafted it as a ring or pendant–not originally intended as a necklace.

I hope this helps.

Pink Gold Diamond
Pink Gold Diamond
Pink Gold Diamond

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