Pinky Diamond Ring

Pinky Diamond Ring
What does it mean when a man wears a pinky ring? Or what does it represent?

Does it symbolizes some sorta status? Is there a particular culture that does this only? Should the ring be on a particular hand?

Please tell me…my boyfriend wears a diamond pinky ring every so often and I haven’t really questioned him, but now I’m curious….and I will ask him about it as soon as I see what the majority is saying….
Tehehehehe…Jack J

Why do we wear a ring on our pinky? Heh heh. Perhaps, when you’re lifting your wine glass, you want the world to see what a sophisticate you are, as you raise your glass and your pinky all at the same time. What do you think of that? Nope. Taint that. The pinky is for lovers my friends. You wear a ring on your pinky, and you’re telling the world you’re involved, and you’re happy that way.
In medieval times, you wore rings on the left hand, they were for adornment purposes only, whereas the right hand was reserved for marriage rings.
Italians with prominence are buried with a pinky ring.
Jacob W also has it right.

Pinky Diamond Ring
Pinky Diamond Ring
Pinky Diamond Ring

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