Platinum Diamond Stud

Platinum Diamond Stud
Where can i get a platinum nose stud with real diamond in Malaysia?

Bloody hell, which buffoon gave my answerers thumbs down!?
Dearest prince bean , i did so in penang and they say they only got ear studs ….and i have to buy two not just one…. :P any recommendation, i certainly do NOT wish for my nose to be chopped off
It’s show time : so you’re into Batman now huh :)….every goldsmith? can u get one for me then? …like i said..i dun wanna get my nose infected
sara : no dear….she even pierced my nose using the gun instead of needle

I would pop along to a reputable jewellers if I was you, Platinum or Titanium will do nicely. If you got a cheap stud from somewhere it might cause a nasty infection and end up having your nose chopped off (Joke!)


Platinum Diamond Stud
Platinum Diamond Stud
Platinum Diamond Stud

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