Platinum Round Diamond

Platinum Round Diamond

Some things are a perfect pairing – peaches and cream, wine and cheese, and … platinum and diamonds. This perfect pairing combines to create the ultimate in wedding rings.

A platinum and diamond wedding band is a symbol of everlasting and eternal love and commitment. That is very fitting, as diamonds and platinum are two of the worlds most precious and hardest natural substances. They each have a superb hardness, brilliant sheen and white color making them natural partners.

The higher cost of diamond and platinum engagement rings or wedding bands is well justified because, not only will they last forever but they signify that the wearer has reached the top, giving him or her the reward of perfection.

There are an extensive number of possible platinum and diamond ring variations in both engagement rings and wedding bands with each one as spectacular and beautiful as the next. Here are a few of the many beautiful styles available on the market today:

  • A traditional or conventional design may be an elegant yet simple platinum wedding band with a milgrain scroll along the edges and a centered, half-carat diamond in the middle. Short rows of smaller diamonds are on either side of the centered larger diamond. This platinum and diamond wedding band is timeless and will always have great beauty.
  • A platinum and diamond engagement ring that is sure to be a perfect choice is an elegant but simple platinum, channel set engagement ring with a gorgeous prong set solitaire diamond.
  • An exquisite diamond engagement ring in platinum, set with a half carat or carat, round, brilliant-cut diamond centered and flanked by four tapered baguettes is the perfect way to ask for your sweethearts hand in marriage. The platinum wedding band has four straight baguettes.
  • A Princess-cut full carat diamond surrounded by six smaller diamonds, set in a platinum wedding band is spectacular, making the woman wearing it feel like a queen.
  • A very modern, sleek design for a wedding band that is spectacular is a narrow band of 950Pt platinum. Set in the middle around the entire platinum band is a centered row of round diamonds or baguettes. This ring will sparkle every time you move your finger, making it a spectacular, ingenious platinum and diamond wedding band.
  • A wonderful wedding band made of a diamond and platinum that would please any man is a comfort fit platinum wedding band with a quarter carat square diamond set it the middle surrounded by engraving.

Platinum and diamond wedding bands and engagement rings are spectacular to look at and functional. Platinum is a very hard metal that does not scratch, nick or bend out of shape and diamonds are the hardest material known to man, so they make a great combination. Wedding bands made of platinum and diamonds symbolize long lasting devotion, love and commitment to each other forever.

Amy Carrington is a fashion maven and an editor at Sorella creates personalized jewelry with the names, words, dates and Chinese symbols that matter to you.

Platinum Round Diamond
Platinum Round Diamond
Platinum Round Diamond

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