Poison Green Diamond

Poison Green Diamond
Trading Pokemon and Items in Pearl and Diamond?

ITEMS—–Earth Plate,Yellow Shards,Hard Stones,Armor Fossils,Heart Scales,Water Stones,Moon Stones,Green Shards,Blue Shards,Toxic Plate,Leaf Stones,Poison Barb,Red Shards,Quick Claw,Dread Plate,Fist Plate, and a Smooth Rock.

POKEMON—-Elekid,Drifloon,Munchlax,Chatot,Chingling,Wobbuffet w/ Pokerus,Weepinbell,Golbat,Raticate,Volbeat,Omanyte,Shieldon,Feebas,Shinx,Buneary,Combee,Raichu,Meditite,Croagunk,Cherubi,Fearow,Lumineon,Slugma,Cranidos,Budew,Hippowdon,and a Shiny Luxray.

ill Also Take any pokemon or items u guys dont want for my pokedex…
so if u have any just say so…

Name:1376 1982 3333

Go to Serebii.net and see if you can trade on the forums i’m pretty sure you can. Or pokemon marriland

Poison Green Diamond
Poison Green Diamond
Poison Green Diamond

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