Princess Diamond Solitaire

Princess Diamond Solitaire

Princess cut engagement rings are different from the more traditional round cut diamond rings, and as a result, many women prefer them as their most important piece of jewelry. The cut is relatively recent and is square shaped rather than circular. Princess cut diamonds were introduced in 1980 and have become one of the most popular cuts of diamonds on the American market.

Princess cut engagement rings mix the classic step cut and the brilliant cut. This means that there are more facets to the ring. Facets increase the diamond’s sparkle and fire. These rings are often set with prongs at each of the four corners to protect the edges of the diamond. The stone is aligned either parallel to the ring or in an angle to present a “diamond” shaped diamond.

Other settings can be used as well. Some people like the princess cut set directly into the ring in a channel setting. This is a popular style for a men’s band when the bride has a Princess cut solitaire. Another popular style is to have the diamond as the centerpiece of a multiple stone setting. One of the most popular multiple stone settings is a large Princess cut diamond in the center with a smaller Princess cut diamonds on either side.

Princess cut engagement rings can be less costly than other rings because the style allows imperfections in the diamond to be cut away. The cut also requires less time to cut and polish, so you’re not spending as much money on workmanship.

Jewelers using this cut can use the less expensive industrial grade diamonds instead of gemstones, thus reducing their cost. You can often find the diamonds for $100 a caret compared with $750 a caret for gemstone quality. This means that you can buy a much larger diamond for a lower price than you could purchase a smaller diamond in a different cut.

If you want to make your bride feel like a royalty, not just on her wedding day but for the rest of her life, get her a Princess cut engagement ring.

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by: Stacy Fox

Princess Diamond Solitaire
Princess Diamond Solitaire
Princess Diamond Solitaire

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