Princess Eternity Diamond

Princess Eternity Diamond

Diamond is a popular gemstone for all kinds of jewelry. Its incomparable hardness, superb luster and brilliant fire make it the most highly priced of all gems. Diamond is made up of pure carbon, however, it often contains traces of impurities such as nitrogen. Diamond is formed deep beneath the earth’s surface, at very high pressures and temperatures. Its name is obtained from the Greek word “adamas” meaning untamable or unconquerable. The name reflects very well the gemstone’s outstanding ability to withstand scratches. Diamond is the hardest natural substance known on earth. It is also known to be a good conductor of heat. This quality makes it cool to the touch.

Diamond has a very high refractive index as well as high dispersion. These characteristics of the diamond, which are further enhanced by skillful cutting techniques, contribute to the superb brilliance and fire it is known to possess. A well-cut diamond optimizes this refracting ability to maximize its brilliance. Hence, a finely cut faceted diamond gem is extremely beautiful and highly valuable. Furthermore, through the development of better cutting and polishing methods, diamond is constantly improving its brilliance as well as popularity.

Diamond’s quality and value are determined by four factors, which are called the “four Cs”. They are color, clarity, cut and carat. Diamonds are found in a variety of colors due to the presence of impurities. The pure white or colorless diamond is the most valuable and highly priced. Colored diamonds are called fancy diamonds. Their colors include yellow, brown, green, blue, pink and red. Pure, colorless diamonds are rare as most diamonds show some trace of yellowish or brownish tint. The more yellow a diamond, the less it is worth. The clarity grade of a diamond indicates how clear the diamond is. It shows the extent of the presence of flaws in the diamond. The flaws are mainly very tiny imperfections which can only be seen through magnification. The flaws can be internal or external. The internal flaws are called inclusions while the external ones are called blemishes. The clarity grade is based on the number, size, visibility and location of these inclusions and blemishes of the stone. The cut of a diamond is important as it affects the sparkle of the diamond. There are several cutting styles the cutter can choose to use. The choice of cut depends on the particular diamond and how the cutter thinks that the brilliance of the stone can be maximized. If a gemstone is well-cut, the beauty and worth of the gemstone is increased. Cutting may affect the toughness of the stone. Some errors in cutting may increase the stone’s vulnerability to break. Carat is the unit of weight used to measure the weight of a diamond. Diamonds are sold by the carat. The larger the diamond, the more costly it is. Diamonds are graded by the four C’s and these grades determine the cost of the diamond.

Diamonds mainly come from South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Sierra Leone, Australia, Russia, USA, Brazil and Canada. It is reported that only about 20 per cent of mined diamonds are suitable to be used as gemstones. The rest are used for other industrial purposes. Diamonds are useful in other industries because of its quality in hardness. They are used in saws, dentist drills, surgical scalpels and as coatings for lenses. Due to its good heat conductivity, it is also used as heat sinks in electronic industries.

According to history, diamonds were used in suits of armor for great knights, and crowns of kings and queens. This gemstone was considered as a symbol of courage and invincibility. Besides, diamond was known to have magical powers. It was believed that the wearer of this gemstone would be endowed with superior strength, bravery and courage. In the past, diamonds were also regarded as talismans that could enhance the love of the husband for his wife. Nowadays, diamond is known to symbolize love, loyalty and courage. Most commonly, diamond is believed to represent eternity and love. Hence, many people usually choose this gemstone for wedding and engagement rings.

Gemstones are considered beautiful, rare and durable. The beauty of a gemstone is undiminished with time. A gemstone could sparkle as brightly many years from now. It has lasting value and is well liked by many. Hence, beautiful pieces of gemstone jewelry are created and widely used for personal adornment as well as gifts for friends and loved ones. Presenting these beautiful items as gifts is always well loved and cherished. Some people buy gems for the purpose of collecting them. They find these gems fascinating and enjoy having a collection of the pieces that they like.

Diamond is the birthstone for the month of April. As such, a piece of jewelry with this gemstone makes a perfect elegant birthday present for those who were born in that month. Diamond is also the anniversary stone for the 10th and 60th year. A piece of jewelry with this gemstone can also be a great anniversary present in these years. You will be amazed how this beautiful gemstone can be made into different jewelry items such as rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, brooches and pendants. With such a wide variety of items, you will never experience any shortage of gift ideas.

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Princess Eternity Diamond
Princess Eternity Diamond
Princess Eternity Diamond

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