Princess Mens Diamond

Princess Mens Diamond

How do you choose the right diamond engagement ring? It seems that some of this industry is under the microscope and consumers aren’t sure what they’re supposed to look for in an excellent princess diamond cut quality diamond.

In trying to figure out the best type of cut to get it’s good to know that some cuts are always in style. These include princess cut, round, and pear among others. The importance of a princess cut engagement ring is that this particular cut is very forgiving to flaws. Getting familiar with the shape, a princess cut is very much like an inverted pyramid with the base being rectangular. The pyramid shape must not be too long or too stumpy. Look for the least amount of flaws to the naked eye. The lack of flaws is referred to as clarity, although none are completely perfect.

The princess cut diamond comes from a raw, properly formed crystal in the shape of an octahedral that is then sliced. If you can imagine, it is the typical diamond shape that is much like two pyramids put together. Other diamonds come from diamonds that are smaller or not as properly formed and then shaped into their prospective shape.

The big question is carats. What size is the right size? The size of a carat is about 6.4mm, but diamonds come in smaller sizes and bigger sizes as well. Carats are measured by size and weight of the diamond. These can be priced from half carat, three-fourths carat, and one carat and so on, making the size of the carat dependent on what the buyer is willing to spend.

Pricing is normally and primarily based on carat size. A princess cut diamond engagement ring can vary in price depending on many different things; carat size, color, cut, clarity and the ring. The highest quality with the least amount of flaws will typically be the priciest diamond. The Princess cut diamond ring can be made to fit many budgets. The quality of the diamond can vary and the price of the ring it will sit on. The price can range in the affordable hundreds into the thousands.

Where you put that princess cut diamond engagement ring is important too. There are precious metals to consider; platinum is by far the most popular because of durability. Classic yellow gold is of course the one that has been around the longest, while some women prefer the color of white gold and some titanium. These rings can be customized with an internal engraving.

The rings that are used for the princess cut diamond engagement rings are those with special placement prongs. The placement prongs are specially made so as to not damage and show off the best facets of the princess cut diamond. A properly polished princess cut diamond engagement ring will have the best brilliance and the least amount of noticeable flaws in comparison to most other cuts.

Buyers, keep in mind the four C’s when purchasing a Princess cut diamond engagement ring: carat, color, clarity, cut and the quality and make of the ring it sits on. These special qualities will produce a beautiful ring and can be made to fit your budget whatever it may be.

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Princess Mens Diamond
Princess Mens Diamond
Princess Mens Diamond

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