Princess Natural Diamond

Princess Natural Diamond
What do you think of man made diamonds compared to natural ones?

Thinking of buying an engagement ring. Have been looking at rings around the 20 grand mark. (1.5 carat princess cut) I have also looked at Secrets Diamonds and I really cant tell the difference. Except, those ones are around 1 thousand. What are your thoughts?

If the cost of a natural diamond reflected their rareness they would be one of the cheapest gemstones out there…the ONLY reason they cost so much is because one diamond cartel, De Beer’s, has a monopoly on all jewelry quality diamonds, their ‘diamonds are for ever’ campaign has cleverly brainwashed people into thinking a ‘real’ diamond is a must, so they’ve created the demand and can ask out rageous prices…..

If you can save money and not fall into the obvious trap with a lab-created gemstone…go for it.The only differences are…lab created are perfect, natural are not……….lab created does not destroy people and places with mining.

I don’t like natural emeralds…cloudy & full of inclusions…..lab created? I drool over their crystal clear deep green perfection…and physically they are identical to natural emeralds.

Ditto on all lab created gems.

Save your money, Hon…and KUDOS for being smart!

Princess Natural Diamond
Princess Natural Diamond
Princess Natural Diamond

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