Radiant Round Diamond

Radiant Round Diamond
For an enagagement ring,what is a nice prong setting?

My boyfriend is making me decide what prong setting to use for my engagement ring. I don’t like big diamonds so he got me a .45 ct round diamond but what prong setting should i choose among the xprong, cathedral or tiffany style setting? 4 or 6 prongs? I just want my small diamond to look radiant with brilliance? Thanks in advance.

mine is in a simple four prong style, and it captures light very well because there isnt much to get in the way of it. i will try to find a picture of it to show you what i mean. hold on one sec while i look.

ok, this isnt the clearest picture, and its not my exact ring (i think mine was special orderd) but the style of the prongs is very similar. because the light can hit the diamond from every angle, it sparkles much more.


i also happen to think you get more shine out of white gold and diamonds than just regular yellow gold. it always catches my eye more than yellow gold because yellow gold does have a tendency of blending into your skin sometimes. round is a good shape for diamonds. its very classic and elegant, and a lot can be done with it. if you can find a band that is more than just a simple solitare (a band with just the one diamond) youll get much more sparkle. they do make some nice three stone rings that can fit any budget if you know what your looking for. wherever you go though make sure you can trust the jewlers work. how is there warenty? will they clean your ring for free? what if a stone falls out, will they replace it for no charge or will they make you pay?
theres a lot more to diamonds then i ever knew before i got engaged. just take it slow, do your homework, and youll be fine.

Radiant Round Diamond
Radiant Round Diamond
Radiant Round Diamond

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