Radiant Trillion Diamond

Radiant Trillion Diamond
Which looks better and has more shine?

Does a cushion cut with trillion side diamonds or a radiant cut with side diamonds sparkle more? Is Blue Nile or Sams a better place to buy a diamond?

Actually, this is kind of a tough question. It really depends on the quality of the cut. Round cut diamonds that are GIA certified (the best diamond grading institute around) can have up to an “excellent” cut which will give it A LOT of sparkle. For fancier shapes, such as the two you are asking about, you can only go up to a “very good” cut simply because GIA doesn’t officially recognize an excellent (also known as ideal) cut with fancier shapes.

If either of these diamonds are of true “very good” cut and are GIA certified from a respected place, they should have a lot of sparkle to them.

As for the stores, I’d say that Blue Nile is by far the best hands down.

I run a free diamond search service at marriage-proposal-ideas.com where we search dozens of the top diamond jewelry sites to find the cheapest prices on high quality GIA certified diamonds. Blue Nile is often at the top of the list.

In fact, if you want me to run a free search for you, feel free to visit that site and contact me. You can reach me from that site if you are interested. We can also set you up with some extra savings through Blue Nile as well.

Hope that helps! Shopping for diamonds can be very tricky, but if you know what to look for, it doesn’t have to be too scary.


Radiant Trillion Diamond
Radiant Trillion Diamond
Radiant Trillion Diamond

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