Rainbow Crystal Bridal

Rainbow Crystal Bridal

The best thing about giving your bridal party jewelry sets as bridesmaids’ gifts for the wedding is that it not only looks fantastic the day of your wedding, but it can be worn again. If you choose the jewelry with your bridal party in mind, you are sure to select a gift the bridesmaids will appreciate.

Let’s look at the many options available today for bridal jewelry starting with crystal jewelry sets. Crystals come in a rainbow of colors. Selecting a crystal bridal jewelry set allows you to match the jewelry to your wedding scheme color. For example, are your colors chocolate brown and pink and your bridal party is wearing chocolate brown? A pale pink crystal jewelry set will beautifully accent the chocolate brown bridesmaid dress but is also now considered a neutral color and can be worn with everyday outfits.

Keep in mind that if you do select a color crystal jewelry set, you don’t have to match your wedding color. Selecting a lovely ivory or champagne necklace set is a lovely accent color that will bring a shimmer to the bridal party while allowing the wedding color to stand out fully in the bridesmaids dresses.

If you are getting married in the spring or summer, you can choose lighter colors such as sky blue, lavender, or mint green. Fall and winter months lend a brilliant backdrop to burgundy, chocolate, or black bridesmaid jewelry sets.

Choosing a different necklace set for each of your bridesmaids is also another fantastic option. You are technically giving each one the same gift however you are tailoring the design to their particular personality. Everyone always has a friend that’s larger than life. She loves to have fun and is brilliantly boisterous. The perfect necklace set for her would be a rhinestone jewelry set that’s big and bold. Think lots of sparkle to match her sparkly personality.

Then for the bridesmaid that’s more reserved and quiet – think classic. Staying with the rhinestone necklace sets, a double tier rhinestone choker with matching earrings that from a distance looks like a necklace of diamonds. This allows you to capture her particular personality while keeping the jewelry in the same family as the rest of the bridesmaids.

If you really want your bridesmaids to wear the same necklace set, choose a pattern or design that will look equally stunning on each of them. Perfect examples would be classic, art deco or Victorian inspired designs.

Pearls are as perfect for the bridesmaids and they are for the bride. Classic pearl strand necklace and earrings sets are often available in several colors but the most common are white or ivory. Which color you choose would depend on the color of the dress. White looks fantastic with primary colors such as red, blue, purple, green and of course, white. Ivory is very complimentary with champagne, ivory, brown, orange, and yellow. Either white or ivory may be worn with black.

Choosing a bridal jewelry set while keeping each bridesmaid’s personality in mind ensures the perfect gift for your important girls sure to be worn at many happy events in the future.

Denise Sanger is the owner of several wedding planning and resource websites including http://my-wedding-jewelry.com which carries an extensive catalog of bridal jewelry, bridesmaid jewelry sets, bridal party gifts and more.

Rainbow Crystal Bridal
Rainbow Crystal Bridal
Rainbow Crystal Bridal

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